I've been told that I no longer meet "medical necessity" and have to end care. How do I navigate this?

To be eligible for treatment at Two Chairs, your condition must meet the standard of medical necessity. This is a basic standard applied by mental health care providers to determine who is most in need of care. Generally, three things inform medical necessity: a clinical diagnosis, having significant impairment that has an impact on your functioning, and finally, your therapist must be providing interventions that are directed at relieving your distress and improving your functioning. When a client no longer meets “medical necessity,” it means that their presenting issues do not meet a clinically significant threshold. If you continue to experience a certain level of distress in your life but no longer meet criteria for medical necessity, you can discuss your needs with your therapist and they will be able to connect you to our Care Navigation team, who can assist you in getting connected to additional resources.

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