What if I change or lose insurance coverage?

Facing the loss of health coverage can be a daunting and stressful experience, particularly when it impacts your relationship with a trusted therapist. When changing health insurance, it's essential to understand if your insurance is still considered in-network with Two Chairs.

What insurance plans are considered ‘in-network?’

Two Chairs is currently only in-network with Aetna, Kaiser Permanente Northern California, and Kaiser Permanente Washington. However, we are not able to accept Medicaid or Medicare plans for Kaiser Washington and Aetna at this time.

If you are losing in-network coverage, please reach out to Care Coordination as soon as possible. Additionally, if you have new insurance coverage, you are welcome to send us a picture of the front and back of your insurance card so we can discuss potential out-of-network coverage with you in further detail.

Please note that continuing in care without active in-network coverage means you are considered an out-of-network client in our system and would be subject to the following practice policies. To highlight a few key points:

  • We will be billing you directly for the session as opposed to billing your insurance;
  • You will be responsible for the full cost of each session up front at our out-of-network rate;
  • You will be responsible for the no-show/late-cancellation policy if not communicated within 48 hours, resulting in the full cost of the session.

What if I have a referral to Two Chairs?

Although your referral may still be open based on the authorized date range, it is not valid without active in-network coverage. There is also a possibility that your insurer will close your referral due to inactivity and/or a gap in coverage.

If your coverage is reinstated, please confirm your referral status with both your insurance provider and Two Chairs before moving forward with care to ensure that your coverage will apply. If needed, you are able to request a new referral when your coverage becomes active again. 

Will I be responsible for the cost of previous sessions held since my coverage ended?

Two Chairs will plan to submit claims to your insurance until your plan’s end date and will bill you according to how they process these claims. If there is an outstanding balance after the claims process, we will contact you with the option of setting up a payment plan. 

What if I want to cancel any upcoming sessions?

If you’d like to cancel your ongoing scheduled appointments, we encourage you to work with your therapist directly. They are your best resource for canceling/rescheduling any ongoing sessions. 

We are here to support you as much as possible throughout this process. For more details, we invite you to read more about insurance at Two Chairs here.

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