How do I get a copy of my care records and/or therapy notes?

Active client: If you are a client actively in care at Two Chairs, it is in your best interest to work directly with your ongoing therapist to discuss the purpose of the records request and align on what type of information needs to be released in order to fulfill the goals of your request. Depending on the type of records you end up requesting, you will either be instructed by your therapist to contact or your therapist will submit an internal request. 

Prospective client: If you have not attended a matching appointment nor an ongoing therapy session, we are not able to provide any clinical records/therapy notes at this stage in your care. 

Please note Two Chairs will not be able to complete any paperwork nor be the primary contact related to a medical leave, disability claims, social security, or FMLA, among others. This means if your goal of starting care with Two Chairs is to complete these documents, we will not be the best resource to help you. We encourage you to reach out to your PCP, psychiatrist, or other medical professional to support you with this documentation.

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