Are therapy sessions in-person, over the phone, or virtual?

When first booking your first matching appointment with Two Chairs, you’ll be able to express your preference for in-person vs. virtual therapy. That said, all matching appointments are conducted virtually, over either Zoom or Google Meet. During the matching appointment, you’ll meet your matching therapist over a video call, and you’ll be able to discuss your needs and preferences for ongoing therapy in more depth.

From there, you will be matched with an ongoing therapist, with the options of going fully in-person in one of our thoughtfully designed clinics, staying completely virtual, or doing a hybrid model where you have some in-person and some virtual appointments. Your first appointment with your ongoing therapist will also be conducted virtually so that the two of you can meet each other and (if applicable) work out any logistics for in-person or hybrid care.

Please note that Two Chairs does not offer phone therapy as a service, so any virtual appointments will always be video calls conducted over Zoom or Google Meet.

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