How can I work with a specific therapist?

At Two Chairs, we aim to match you with the therapist who is best suited for you and your needs. Our matching process is designed to find you a therapist who meets your preferences, availability, and what you want to accomplish while in care.

That said, we understand that you may feel a desire to work with a specific therapist who is working at or will work at Two Chairs. If you’re a former client of a therapist who is transferring practices to Two Chairs, we recommend you contact your therapist directly to explore the possibility of continuing care with them.

Otherwise, the best way to work with a specific therapist would be to first book a matching appointment. Once you have made the appointment, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to complete an optional supplementary questionnaire (Client Profile). While completing your Client Profile, you can give us as many details as you like about what attracts you to the specific therapist you want to work with. The information you provide will help the matching therapist better prepare for your appointment.

During the matching appointment, the two of you will go over these details together, and you can tell your matching therapist about the specific ongoing therapist you had in mind. Although we cannot guarantee that you will be matched with that therapist due to availability constraints, the matching therapist will ask you questions to understand what specific needs make this particular therapist attractive, so that we ultimately match you with someone who fits your availability and preferences and has experience with the kinds of goals you want to achieve.

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